Cranmore Connector (Phase II)

The Cranmore Connector Trail is a heavily used, multi-purpose trail that runs from the summit of Cranmore Mountain east-west along the ridge line to connect to the Black Cap Trail.



The Work

Originally a hiking trail, the Cranmore Connector Trail has evolved over the years to also allow mountain biking in both directions and has been the uphill start of several popular biking trails in the Cranmore zone. Last year, with the construction of a new, downhill mountain biking trail that runs parallel to the Connector, the intention is for the trail to revert, primarily, to a hiking trail, while still allowing for uphill bike traffic from Cranmore to Black Cap.

The planned work covers the section of trail from the Cranmore service road back to the junction with the Black Cap Trail. Several series of check steps will be installed to repair gullied sections of trail, and drainage will be improved in a few areas that pool water. There may also be a short relocation to move the trail around a steep 10-15 foot tall gully and installation of steps at the junction with the service road. The work is expected to take 4-6 weeks and will not involve the closure of the trail.

Background & History

The Cranmore Connector Trail is a popular hiking trail that brings users to the top of Black Cap Mountain from Cranmore Mountain. It is also the main artery trail to access the mountain bike trail network in the Hurricane Mountain Zone (Red Tail, Kettle Ridge, Khandagner, Charlie Don’t Surf, etc.).

As a multi-user trail that gives outdoor recreation enthusiasts spectacular views as well as access to some of the best mountain bike riding in New Hampshire, this trail is suffering the consequences of overuse resulting in significant erosion, deterioration, and structural loss.