Chocorua Mountain

One of the most popular and often-hiked mountains in New England, Chocorua Mountain and its trails have entered the list of "critical need projects."



The Work

This project will focus on part of the White Mountain National Forest’s "critical need projects" for backlog maintenance and will focus on the most highly used, impacted and eroded trails.

The work will focus on re-routing and relocating areas of extreme erosion, mitigating drainage issues, improving and rebuilding waterbars, check steps, stone steps, and tread hardening, repairing scree walls, botany work to protect alpine vegetation, and repairing and building bridges, as well as any other work deemed necessary to sustain the trail system.

Work is expected to take 10-12 weeks to complete.

Background & History

One of the most popular and often-hiked mountains, Chocorua Mountain is the easternmost peak of the Sandwich Range sitting at 3,490 feet. On average, Chocorua Mountain sees thousands of outdoor recreation enthusiasts each year.

Chocorua's summit is a picturesque rocky cone, and the mountain is purported to be one of the most photographed in the world. The view from Chocorua Lake, which often casts a reflection of the mountaintop, was chosen to represent the White Mountain National Forest on a quarter issued by the U.S. Mint in 2013 as part of its America the Beautiful coin series.

There are many trails up the mountain, and they can be quite crowded during the summer months. Especially popular are the Piper Trail (from the east), the Champney Falls Trail (from the north), and the Liberty Trail (from the southwest). Trails on the southeastern section of the mountain, as well as trails on Mount Paugus immediately to the west of Chocorua, are maintained by the Chocorua Mountain Club, an all-volunteer crew since 1908.

Mount Chocorua is part of the 6,100-acre Mount Chocorua Scenic Area, which was created in 1986 as part of the White Mountain Forest Plan.

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