Black Cap Trail

The Black Cap Trail is a popular, heavily used, multi-purpose trail that runs from the parking area at the top of Hurricane Mountain Road to the summit of Black Cap Mountain.



The Work

The work proposed for this season is a deeply gullied section of the trail near the summit area, on a part of the trail that is designated as hiker only access. The work will involve installing a series of check steps and back filling the gullied treadway, as well as improving or rebuilding several existing drainage structures. The work is expected to take 2 weeks, and will not close the section to hikers.

Background & History

The Black Cap Trail is open to hiking and biking in the summer, as well as snowmobiles and skiing in the winter months. It is family-friendly, and the summit area offers sweeping views of North Conway and the eastern White Mountains. Many popular mountain bike trails can be accessed from near the top of the trail, which means it sees a huge number of users daily.