Cranmore Connector

As a heavily used, multi-user trail, Cranmore Connector suffers from erosion, deterioration, and structural loss. The trail brings hikers and bikers from Cranmore Mountain to Black Cap Mountain and provides access to the network of trails in the Hurricane Mountain Zone.


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The Work

This project will focus on significant repairs to Cranmore Connector including repairing stone steps, repairing and replacing water bars to address erosion caused by water runoff, building and repairing scree walls, widening the trail and adding “switchbacks” to expand for multi-user use, and tread hardening.

A downhill mountain bike trail will also be built between Black Cap and Cranmore Mountain to parallel and alleviate the Cranmore Connector, as well as to address safety issues regarding use of mountain bikes on the Cranmore Connector hiking trail. A professional trail builder, trail crew, and volunteers will build the 1-mile trail, flow/jump trail three to four feet wide, full bench construction, armoring, bridges and berms. In kind trail maintenance training will be provided to all volunteers and crews to establish a sustainable trail maintenance program.

Background & History

The Cranmore Connector Trail is a popular hiking trail that brings users to the top of Black Cap Mountain from Cranmore Mountain. It is also the main artery trail to access the mountain bike trail network in the Hurricane Mountain Zone (Red Tail, Kettle Ridge, Khandagner, Charlie Don’t Surf, etc.).

As a multi-user trail that gives outdoor recreation enthusiasts spectacular views as well as access some of the best mountain bike riding in New Hampshire, this trail is suffering the consequences of overuse resulting in significant erosion, deterioration, and structural loss.