Crawford Path (Phase II)

The second season of the Crawford Path Project, celebrating its 200-year anniversary, was a tremendous success. Countless partners, volunteers, and crews played pivotal roles in completing this two-year project.



The Work

The second season on Crawford Path was a success. Partners, crew members, and volunteers all shared positive feedback on their involvement with the project.

As a collective, we accomplished the goals and outputs set forth at the beginning of the season and, together, were able to complete ~65% of the deferred maintenance on the 8.5-mile Crawford Path during this 2-year effort. In 2019, we increased the amount of field labor by about 38% and held 8 volunteer work days in collaboration with AMC Camp Dodge. We consistently received positive feedback from those involved that the project was well-organized and improved upon lessons learned from the prior year.

In total, 15,038 in-field hours were put toward maintaining and preserving Crawford Path.

Background & History

The Crawford Path was built in 1819, making it the oldest, continuously maintained and used footpath in America. The trail travels 8.5 miles beginning in Crawford Notch (1,900 feet) and terminating at the Mt. Washington summit (6,288 feet). The trail is overlaid by the Appalachian National Scenic Trail for 5.4 miles, providing it additional status as a flagship trail and valued destination.


Matt Peters & Brett
Engstrom Botanists