White Mountain Trail Collective

Protect the Trails, Preserve the Legacy



In the nearly two centuries since the Crawford constructed the first crude footpath onto the heights of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range, the White Mountain trail system has evolved into an intricate network featuring more than 1,400 miles of marked paths. By the 1850s, travel to the White Mountains became significantly less tedious as rail lines connected the region to Boston and New York, where it became a fashionable summertime destination for the upper classes to escape the heat and filth of Northeast’s big cities. Grand hotels and summit houses were situated on many of the region’s high peaks, which served as regional hubs for more trail building.

 “By electing to be notified of volunteer opportunities, you will receive email announcements of volunteer events with details on how to sign up. The region has a rich history of volunteerism,  be a part of history today.”



“Are you the stuff of legend? Trail construction and maintenance has been performed in the white mountains for over a century. Not everyone can afford the time in the field that these pioneers, many entire summer building the wonderful legacy. any able to contribute financially. Without this financial support, the trail system fall into disrepair and ultimately be lost through trail erosion and closures. Giving today allows the White Mountain Trail Collective to coordinate volunteers and professional trail crews to provide sustainable maintenance and re-construction that will allow us all to enjoy this tremendous resource well into the future. Become part of the legend and lore and give today.”